how to shoot white background product photography


white background product photography

In the world of white background product photography, is probably the most used background among-st product sites and ecommerce. It is usually the go-to background for all.

Wanna know why? It has a lot of reasons behind it. So, I narrowed them down in top 3 reasons why using white background product photography.

  • Highlights the product

For any image, it is important for the product to be the focal point. Using white background means you’re able to present your products with accurate photos from the quality to details with the least or no distractions.

  • Encourages Consistency

Using white background for all products ensures consistency. This makes customers feel that you’re professional and increases trust in shopping with you. It is too confusing and distracting if your site consists of different backgrounds with variety of lighting and angles.

  • Saves you money

You can have your white background for as low as 20Rs to 30Rs. It made your shooting process more simple and less need of technical expertise. If you want a less hassle shoot, then you can have a photo box.

Above all, white background is the most subtle and neutral color that goes a long way. Simplest and lightest color but it can bring out the best in your photos. So, give your product the focus it deserves. Keep Shooting!

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