Delhi photography services

delhi photography service

Delhi Photography Services

Creative King studio offer high quality product photography for local clients, all over the Delhi and India.

Whether you sell online or have your own website or shop, it’s important to have quality images of your products to show them off. We provide a product photography services at extremely competitive prices to help you increase your sales.

Our high quality photography

Here is how it works:

  1. Clients send us their products.
  2. We photograph them professionally in a carefully controlled environment with appropriate lighting.
  3. We enhance the photos by removing the background, tweaking lighting and various other retouching techniques to bring out the best features of the product.
  4. Once ready, photos can be collected from our studio in Okhla or couriered back to the customer.

In addition to this, we also provide a product photography and image retouching service package that covers the following:

Looking for a reliable, experienced and professional product photography solution for your e-commerce store? Give us a call today!

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