styling props product photography


Styling props product photography

I decided to expand on several product photo topics, including backgrounds and props. This list is by no means comprehensive because the possibilities for this aspect of your photos are endless.

However, I’ve done my best to cover the most commonly used backgrounds and props as well as other things to consider that I think will be helpful to a wide variety of online sellers.

If you have any other ideas to share or would like to see anything else here, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

One thing that I want to mention before getting into the specifics is that no matter what backgrounds and props you use, please eliminate all clutter and unrelated objects from your photos. There is nothing more distracting than this!

How to lighting prop up products for photography ?

The white or light colored neutral can be striking because it provides a stark contrast. It’s simple and works for a large variety of products. Be careful with your light balance when using this background.

Many people overexpose or intentionally blur their photos with light backgrounds, which can create a harsh look. You don’t want to underexposure your photo either and end up with a dull background. Experiment until you get a setting that is just right with bright, balanced light.

You may need to change your settings for different items, depending on the item colors, so don’t be afraid to keep making adjustments as needed.

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