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Tabletop Photography for Toys

Children are extremely good at spotting images – in fact they rarely look at the text, and almost certainly completely ignore the price. Children look at pictures, and they will happily latch on to those pictures which immediately stand out and grab their attention. Unfortunately too many retailers are lazy and simply use the stock images supplied by the manufacturer. Often though these sorts of images, apart from being of rather poor quality, only show what the product looks like. This is really only intended to be used by the retailers or the warehouses in managing stock, and invariably fail entirely to attract the attention of the target audience of children.

So how do those involved in tabeltop photography manage to get great looking photographs of toys and children’s products which do stand out, and look like being fun and value for money? It’s worth remembering that a huge number of children’s toys are nothing but a few lumps of plastic, a battery and some fur, and so taking a photograph of this and then charging a 175 rupees for it might not look terribly appealing. But through careful use of a range of tried and tested tactics commercial product photographers are able to turn something that might otherwise look overpriced into something that’s irresistible and will get children clamouring and pestering their parents to buy it for them.

It’s also worth remembering that often parents will browse through online catalogues looking for children’s toys for birthdays and Christmas, and so will be looking for toys which seem to suit their children’s character and interests. For example, let’s take a bucket of plastic soldiers. If you just take the lazy way out you’ll take a tabletop photography of the bucket of soldiers. Great. How exciting. A bucket. And it’s full of little bits of plastic. It’s hardly inspiring to either parent or child.

Below are some of our work related tabletop photography for toys.

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Why do you want tabletop photography?

We specialize in tabletop photography of tableware small products and other items. We also shoot interiors, commercial, creative, advertising and buildings, in fact almost anything from the diverse range of assignments we have accepted over 6 years. From farming to fashion. People and animals. Food and tableware. Just to name a few. We thrive on challenges, which provide opportunity to exercise creative insights and to overcome technical restraints. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you with the imagery that you need to propel your business forward.

We are able to produce images greater than life size (Macro) if required. The graphic design for brochures, cataloging and other small printing projects can be arranged if required. Image files can be supplied on disks and delivered by FTP for print or web.

Our product photography will ensure that your products are shown to their best advantage. If you want to make your products more desirable to your customers and increase your sales, Creative king studio can help by providing professional product photography.