jewellery photography in gurgaon, delhi, noida, india

Jewellery Photography

We are professional jewellery photographers in delhi. we are doing concept jewellery and white background jewelry shoot on model, mannequin, props & white background. If you are an online jewellry seller on website, it is imperative that you have good quality photographs of your products. As the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words" and for jewelry this is very true. Just think for a moment of the process you follow when buying [...]
lifestyle product photography in delhi

Lifestyle Product Photography

Lifestyle Product Photography Service Lifestyle Product Photography in delhi Lifestyle product photography is for your not on the high street pages. It’s not only vital for the aesthetic of your pages, but it’s essential for maintaining the Noths requirements and of course attracting customers. we are Using the latest canon cameras and elinchrom lighting, and with over 7 years experience in the Lifestyle product photography industry we will make your products looks amazing! From preparing the shoot, styling, photographing, to [...]
Commercial Product Photography

Commercial product photography

Commercial Product Photography COMMERCIAL PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY Creative king studio take Commercial product photography freelance and studio based in New Delhi, India. Pack-shot and product photography requires exceptional attention to detail and creativity is an integral part of any business. Using state of the art lighting and cameras, custom backgrounds and the latest software, creative king studio(ckstudio) offers a fast, cost effective solution with a friendly and professional service. We commercial products photography either at our [...]
ecommerce photography service gurgaon

Ecommerce-product -photography

Ecommerce Photography services Ecommerce Product Photography in India While shopping for a product online it is necessary to get to know the product better looking before you can take the purchase decision. Product photo is the closest one can get to the in-shop shopping experience when you want to buy it online on amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, ebay, paytm, jabong, myntra, limeroad, ebay, etsy, jaypore and other ecommerce portal. Product angles, fit and quality needs to [...]
freelance product photography


Freelance Product Photography Service Are you looking for the best freelance product photography services in Delhi? When it comes to looking for a freelance product photographer in Delhi, there are many options and you may have come across many websites that offer freelance product photography services. However, you must know that not every photographer is the same. You may be looking for a freelance photographer for commercial or corporate product photography or for a fashion [...]
360 product photography

360 degree product photography in Delhi

360 Degree Product Photography in Delhi (Product photography just starting @ 45₹ per image. minimum quantity 100 images *The pricing for only small tabletop product) Our 360 product photography includes everything you need, ALL the images from the shoot, html5 360 rotations, fully responsive to work on almost all modern platforms. from 4 images to 360 we can create the ultimate sales tool that is a 360 product rotation. From wallets to fridges, 360 product [...]
Bathroom Accessories and Sanitaryware Photography

Bathroom Accessories and Sanitaryware Photography

Bathroom Sanitaryware Photography Chrome Sanitaryware Photography in Delhi Established in 2012, our creative king studio has steadily increased the volume and range of shiny sanitary products accessories that we photograph and artwork in house. We welcome the opportunity to provide prospective new clients with test photography examples from their latest product range. Photographing small items of bathroom accessories like Soap Dishes, Towel Holder, Bathroom Mirror, faucets, tabs, tiles and Commode takes a particular skill. we [...]
food photography in delhi

Food Photography in delhi

Food Photography in Delhi Food Photography First impressions are vital in making any reasonably sale – but it’s even more true with food. We eat with our eyes before we ever let our food near our mouths, and good or bad food photography can make the difference between sales and therefore the potential customer planning to your competition. Digital cameras and smartphones have brought food photography into reach of any company, but they can’t make [...]
corporate photography

Corporate Photography

Corporate Photography in Delhi Best Corporate Photographer in India Creative king studio provide corporate photography service and We are doing best corporate photography services in delhi. Open for assignments from all over India and abroad, We are working with Small-Scale Industries to big Industrial Houses and Corporate ranging from Textile Mills, Wind Mill, Power Generation Plants, Steel Plants, Scientific Industry, Laboratory Photography, Food and Pulses Industry and others. For a long time, corporate photography meant [...]
Industrial Photography in delhi

Industrial Photography

Industrial photography in delhi ncr, india What is Industrial photography and why is it important? In the world of business today photography is worth a million words. Everything from websites, brochures, catalogues and television advertisements rely on high quality pictures to get a business's message across. panoramic industrial photography and Industrial photography is a specialized field of photography which makes it possible for businesses to communicate with customers and other businesses showcasing their industrial process, [...]
light tent photography

Light Tent Product Photoshoot

Light Tent Photography Light tent photography in delhi, noida, gurgaon and india Creative king studio using light tent photography for small reflecting product shoot. Light tent take a high quality photographs of their own creations, whether to feature them in a blog post, offer them for sale online. The Light Tent  Box to getting these kinds of product shots easily and reliably is to use a light tent. This article will cover the fundamentals of [...]