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Boudoir and Lingerie Photography Service Delhi Ncr

Creative King studio shoot professional boudoir and lingerie photography in delhi ncr, noida, gurgaon, faridbad on studio based and client location. We share with you how to showcase lingerie, nightwear, underwear and bra for e-commerce websites, catalogs and advertising.
If you want to professional lingerie photographer to shoot your products for online e commerce websites and catalogs? you can ask creative king studio, We have a professional lingerie photographer or models for shoot.

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Here’s a Lingerie Photoshoot at Creative king studio, our studio has been filled with lots of beautiful underwear recently. Take a look at some of our favourites! Lingerie is really fun to photograph, from the styling, the shooting over to the editing. We have a fair few lingerie & underwear clients, each of them have their own specifications which we tailor to.


We’ve been working on lingerie ghost mannequin photography. creative king studio is one of the India’s leading invisible mannequin photography studios creating unbeatable quality and consistency. Ghost/invisible mannequin photography is used to showcase clothing often alongside model shots, these are used across the board such as on the web and printed media such as look-books.

What is boudoir and lingerie photography?

Boudoir and lingerie photography describes a style of e-commerce garment photography that implies nudity, without the subject actually being nude. The boudoir client is most typically wearing lingerie, sexy under garments, bra, painty, chemise,underskirt, bikini, body shaper, shorts, knickers, bloomer or could even be fully dressed, somewhat scantily.

Some boudoir subjects are draped in a robe or soft, sometimes sheer wrap, just enough to silhouette her shapely figure. The most important thing to remember is that boudoir photography is not about nudity; it is more about use to online lingerie clothes and under garment showing on model.

Creative king studio always help for our clients to selling your products for e-commerce platform.