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Experienced as a model photographer for photographing men (and girls) both in the studio and on location in the Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Haryana, Sonipath, Panipath, Faridabad, North, East, Wast & South Delhi and all over India. If you are interested in male model photography and mens fashion and want to book for e-commerce shoots, mens lifestyle shoot, printed catalogues shoot and website shoot for men or perhaps a mens fashion lookbook shoot on location I can help. Below are some male model photography ideas from my recent shoots. I can help with how to pose a man and give male portrait ideas and clothing photography. No experience required. I will discuss mens styling, makeup and wardrobe prior to the photoshoot so we get the best results. We do Male photography for full frame format camera and medium format cameras.

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Why model photography is important?

At present, there are numerous businesses that focus on male model photography in Delhi. As one of the fashion capitals in the world, businesses opting to enter on fashion photography in Delhi are extending their services other than models but also to male model photography.

Photography plays important roles in our lives. It seems that people is not the only main subject of photography these days. international people were and are always fascinated with photos, taking selfies, their families, products, jewelleries, and the ever-changing fashion.

Capturing images of Garments with male model photography have become a special assignment of model photographers in India. They are professionals who passed times studying and evaluating how to present the beauty of apparel in form of photography. Depending on garments, they know which background is adaptable to your clothing in order to present it in stylish manners.

It’s true that just a simple a click from your digital compact camera, you can have the picture that you want. In photographing garments, that is not always the idea. Just like any male model photography Gurgaon, businessmen opting to work in this field must have a keen eye on details, positioning of the subject, lighting effects as well as in over-all product presentation.

Creative king studio, is obsessed with male model photography in noida. He loves taking photos on the catwalk and even models with the still life background. Intrigued how the business of Fashion photography Gurgaon, he expressed his intention of buying more accessories on photography.

How To Become A Male Model.

“It’s less about looks now and more about how that individual is in themselves, and how that shows in their face,” says mr. Rahul das, a model booker at Indian based agency in delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Haryana, Ghaziabad and Faridabad. “Social media has helped build this new emphasis on personality, together with the growing number of smaller menswear brands that are more interested in a creative look – in having the right face for them rather than strict model measurements. The fact is that there are so many male models now who could all, more or less, do the same job that clients are increasingly looking for difference.”

Type Of Male Model.


Shooting fashion images for magazines and online titles is, as Rahul puts it, “where the art is”. Since the goal is more about entertainment and less about commerciality, it is the kind of work that allows a model to “make more of a statement”.

There are few parameters about height or build for an editorial model with the right look – though being close to what brands refer to as ‘sample size’ (32” waist, 15.5” neck, 40-42″ jacket) certainly helps. It’s more about the attitude you bring to the art director and fashion editor’s vision for the shoot.

The work tends to be found only in major cities and pay varies wildly: from 12000rs to 15000rs per day, depending on the publication; and it does not follow that prestige publications necessarily pay the most.

Male Model For Magazines and e-commerce website


Catwalk models – those that wear Indian wear, western wear and designer clothes for each season’s run of shows in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon,  and India – need to be tall: typically between 6’ and 6’3”, since this works best photographically (and the catwalks are increasingly about disseminating images via social media rather than persuading a buyer to invest).

Allowing for proportionality to height, a catwalk model’s build can vary considerably – depending on the demands of the brand. They also need to know how to walk a runway – a skill in itself. But, perhaps above all, they need to be hardy.

Male models seeking catwalk work may have to go to some 6 castings a day – this is where they are assessed for their suitability for particular work – for several days and in several cities, all without getting paid. “Catwalk is a great introduction to the industry and is it a way to make a name for yourself,” says Rahul. “But it’s a lot about measurements, Rahul than creativity, doesn’t pay well and is also an absolute marathon each season – a long, hard slog.”

Male Models On A Runway


“It is with commercial work that you can really start to think about modelling as being a long-term career,” says Rahul. Commercial work tends to cover a wide spectrum of non-catwalk work for a specific brand. Catalogues print and online, for example, are considered to be commercial work, as are clothing shoot, fashion shoot and TV shows.

The physical requirements are less rigorous – men are still likely to be over 5’10” – and the work, in turn, less high-profile. But it can be the making of steady, regular employment.

Win a major advertising campaign for an international brand, however, and it can be the ticket to the big time. It’s through ads that a male model will most likely cross the line into celebrity and pick up everything from endorsement deals to appearance fees.

Creative king studio Advertising Campaign For Gurgaon And Delhi


Once considered the more esoteric side of modelling, more fashion brands are waking up to the idea that most guys are not model size; and that, in fact, we’re getting bigger.

As a consequence, the demand for plus-size male models is on the up. As the name suggests, these men are typically heavier than the standard, with larger dimensions (for example, 42”-plus chests, rather than a more typical 38”), and are sometimes but not always taller or more muscular.

The sector is starting to see its star names, the likes of Mason, Anderson and Manoj Rawat, come to the fore with specialist agencies, like the India’s Glanz Models, launching too. “In nearly all other areas of male modelling, being bigger than sample size is limiting though more agencies are looking at people who aren’t conventionally sized now.”

Plus Size Male Model


Of all the categories, fitness models are most likely to be self-represented. But then they are also most likely to be self-selecting – because while a fitness model might not conform to conventional fashion industry standards of height or ‘good looks’, by definition, his musculature will be the result of nearly full-time dedication to exercise and diet.

The breadth of fitness model body type is wide – from lithe and athletic to the huge and Thor-like – but all will be proportional. Whereas non-modelling fitness enthusiasts build muscle for strength, mass and functionality, fitness models must build for aesthetics, which requires a specific kind of training. It also means looking healthy all over – including hair and (probably tanned) skin. The very top of the field can earn around 10,70,000 a year.

Fitness model Ranjeet Singh Ricky

Yes, if your whole self doesn’t quite make the grade, perhaps a part of you – your hands, or your feet, for example – do. This is the work of the parts model: to keep their particular asset in spectacular form.

Although pay may top Rs35,000 a day, and demand is high from companies that want a perfect body part to represent their brand – be it eyes, lips or teeth – agency representation is essential to make a career of it.

Perfection is not an exaggeration, either: while it’s important that a pair of hands be garments, glove and jewellery sample size, they need also be slender, straight-fingered, free of any blemishes, even of skin tone and uniform of nail. It’s not work for builders.

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