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We are professional jewellery photographers in delhi. we are doing concept jewellery and white background jewelry shoot on model, mannequin, props & white background. If you are an online jewellry seller on website, it is imperative that you have good quality photographs of your products. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and for jewelry this is very true. Just think for a moment of the process you follow when buying your wholesale jewelry. You look at it, you touch it, you hold it in your hand, and you may even try it on before you decide whether or not to buy that piece to add to your inventory.

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Best jewellery photographers india

Jewellery Photography | This is the photographing of jewellerys in the most appealing and stylish manner. It is often a type of advertising photography. The Images of jewellery are most used in advertising and promotional publications and materials. This is also a part form product photography.

Creative king studio doing all type of jewellery  photography like beautiful necklace, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and diamonds  jewellerys can be challenging due to the differences in the elements between precious stones and the gold. Reflective properties are different and lighting can be tricky.

The photographic lens becomes very important in white gold pictures. A general-purpose lens will not return good results in any jewellery photography, and will do an especially poor job in this case. The appropriate lens must be for macro focus to get as much definition from the gold as possible.

Macro Lens For Jewellery Photography

We using macro lens. A macro lens aperture that is smaller than f32 because it will increase depth of field. The lens should be capable of a 1:1 magnification from a distance of over two feet.

White gold will appear faded and flat if some shine cannot be detected in the shot. The secret is to get enough focused light to do this without directing too much on any reflective stones in the piece. It takes experience to be able to accomplish the best photos of both types of material.

Snapshots of action events are much easier than getting the proper exposure, light, and focus to do justice to white gold and jewels encrusted within it. Attention to detail is a required talent to make decent digital images that properly reflect the beauty of the subject. This and the control of the elements must come together for a final image.

The standard lighting layout for jewellery involves sources on both sides and one from the middle. The front light is better situated beneath the camera to decrease any shadowing that would occur from behind the photographer. Light filters are nearly always a necessity to diffuse and soften the light beams.

Some jewellery photographers in india tend to keep backgrounds soft and unobtrusive, while others feel the need to have a bold background that more clearly defines the jewellery. If gemstones are in the piece and have color, it is important to keep the background in the same general spectrum or at least use a color that does not clash.

If the jewellery in question is a necklace, the chain is often laid on a velvety piece of material and curved around the amulet. Other ways for getting pictures involve the use of a female bust and a black turtleneck sweater.

If you are just beginning jewellery photography, you will find white gold a worthy challenge. Although it is beautiful when it is seen firsthand, it can be portrayed as very common and unimaginative by photography done wrong. With experience and the right tools, your photographs should serve fine jewelry well.

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