Lifestyle Product Photography Service

Lifestyle Product Photography in delhi

Lifestyle product photography is for your not on the high street pages. It’s not only vital for the aesthetic of your pages, but it’s essential for maintaining the Noths requirements and of course attracting customers. we are Using the latest canon cameras and elinchrom lighting, and with over 7 years experience in the Lifestyle product photography industry we will make your products looks amazing! From preparing the shoot, styling, photographing, to the editing, we’ve got it covered and with our expert team you’re sure to have images ready to use and promptly.

I am happy to enough lifestyle product photgoraphy work with some local and biggest companies and that are very creative in their vision for their website & promotional lifestyle product photography. Whilst there will always be the need for product photography on a white background, which I am able to offer in my studio, more and more companies are marketing their products as a lifestyle. This makes work so much more fun for everyone.

If you feel you are not creative, but love the catalogues that drop through your door, then don’t be afraid to aim for that. I work with clients to create ideas on a joint mood board on Pinterest. This helps with structuring a theme to match their branding, collecting props, sourcing a location to shoot at and generates a lot of enthusiasm for their products & services, which is why they are in business in the first place.

I am sharing two very different businesses here, to highlight just how much can be achieved if the planning takes place before the shoot. Both were shot at my Creative King Studio, but this can be achieved at any location with the right props for your brand. My consultation meetings are complimentary and I’d love to hear from you, if you wish to draw your clients in with some lifestyle product photography.

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Come to us or send your products!

Many of our clientele send their products to our studio in the post for us to shoot remotely, but we are more than happy for you to come to the shoot! You can oversee the shoot advising on your preferences. Involving clients with our shoots is important and always a lot of fun.