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Chrome Sanitaryware Photography in Delhi

Established in 2012, our creative king studio has steadily increased the volume and range of shiny sanitary products accessories that we photograph and artwork in house. We welcome the opportunity to provide prospective new clients with test photography examples from their latest product range.

Photographing small items of bathroom accessories like Soap Dishes, Towel Holder, Bathroom Mirror, faucets, tabs, tiles and Commode takes a particular skill. we take great care to set up the shot with the right focus to capture the intricate detail and reflective qualities of the shiny products.

Whether it’s a low-cost item, a range of plastic reflective products or a top-end piece involving precious tabs, we’ll do everything to present it in the best way possible. sanitaryware photography Contact Us As always with photography, lighting is key, and we will ensure that the gold and steel product is expertly displayed and lit. Colour matching is also essential, especially as light reflection can dramatically alter the look of metal, gold and sliver, and we take great pains to show the bathroom accessories as it is in real life, from taps, Showers, Flushing Systems, Bath Tubs, Shower Enclosure, Spas, ARC, Faucets, Urinal Partition and Allied.

Below are some of our work related Sanitaryware Photography for toys.

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Sanitarywear Photography by 2020

As Sanitaryware Photography requires 45 degree shot where every mark or blemish shows, our photographers will spend time cleaning the item prior to shooting it. We also digitally retouch to clean up any remaining marks or scratches and improve colour matching. After taking the shot, we can either show it on a white background or cut out the item to display on a different background, from a plain colour to a digitally manipulated or enhanced background such as plush velvet or textured rock. Alternatively, we can set up a lifestyle shot to show your bathroom accessories as it would look when worn.

Alternatively we can arrange collection in the morning and delivery in the evening. If you have a large quantity of bath accessories that needs photographing, for example for a catalogue or website, we can offer excellent discounts to make it more cost effective for you and we also offer shoot your products on your location if you have minimum 150+ qty.

At 2020, we are known for building good customer relations – and with an in-house design team and print management facility, you can get all your services under one roof, saving you time and money.

Product Photoshoot Delhi

creative king studio shoot a best Sanitaryware product, model, creative and commercial photos in delhi and all over india with high studio equipment. we shoot a client location with competitive  price rates.