Ghost Mannequin Photography Using invisible mannequins for your product images is an efficient and cost-effective way to promote your products. However, mannequins can be distracting, so using special techniques apparel can be photographed on a mannequin that is then removed in post production creating a 3D look called “ghost mannequin”, as shown in the following images. […]

styling props product photography

Styling props product photography I decided to expand on several product photo topics, including backgrounds and props. This list is by no means comprehensive because the possibilities for this aspect of your photos are endless. However, I’ve done my best to cover the most commonly used backgrounds and props as well as other things to […]


how to shoot white background product photography

white background product photography In the world of white background product photography, is probably the most used background among-st product sites and ecommerce. It is usually the go-to background for all. Wanna know why? It has a lot of reasons behind it. So, I narrowed them down in top 3 reasons why using white background product […]

lookbook photography


Lookbook Photography Lookbook photography doesn’t have to be the usual basic shots on a plain white background. Meet to our team today to discuss your objectives and how we can assist you with our inventive ideas and techniques. We are constantly keeping up to date with the latest trends and work closely with other creative […]

delhi photography service

Delhi photography services

Delhi Photography Services Creative King studio offer high quality product photography for local clients, all over the Delhi and India. Whether you sell online or have your own website or shop, it’s important to have quality images of your products to show them off. We provide a product photography services at extremely competitive prices to […]

lifestyle product photography

Lifestyle Product Photography

Lifestyle Product Photography Lifestyle product photography is for your not on the high street pages. It’s not only vital for the aesthetic of your pages, but it’s essential for maintaining the Noths requirements and of course attracting customers. we are Using the latest canon cameras and elinchrom lighting, and with over 7 years experience in the Lifestyle product photography […]

commercial product photography


COMMERCIAL PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY Ck-studio take Commercial product photography freelance and studio based in New Delhi, India. Pack-shot and product photography requires exceptional attention to detail and creativity is an integral part of any business. Using state of the art lighting and cameras, custom backgrounds and the latest software, creative king studio(ckstudio) offers a fast, cost […]

table top photography


Table Top Photography We specialize in table top photography of small products and other items. We also shoot interiors, commercial, creative, advertising and buildings, in fact almost anything from the diverse range of assignments we have accepted over 18 years. From farming to fashion. People and animals. Food and tableware. Just to name a few. […]


Ecommerce-product -photography

Ecommerce Product Photography Ckstudio are specialists at creating high quality eCommerce product photography. Our images help some of the india largest retailers to present their products online to buyers in a clear, concise way, enabling shoppers to compare goods accurately and make fast buying decisions. Why E commerce Product Photography Requirement? Ecommerce Product Photography is […]

freelance product photography


Freelance Product Photography Ck-Photography Studios is a Studio based professional  freelance product photography company. We specialist in product photography, eCommerce photography, creative photography, commercial photography, as well as model and fashion photography. We are fully equipped Freelance product photography studio with the latest digital technology and we can accommodate any request, from small product quantities to entire […]